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What is a Community Forest Management Plan?

This Community Forest Management Plan (CFMP) is an actionable, long-term strategy to manage trees in the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles (LA) County. It also provides information, analyses, and guidance relevant to the entire LA region so that everyone can share the benefits of trees today and for generations to come. CFMPs are sometimes referred to as Urban Forest Management Plans, or UFMPs. LA County is using the term “community” rather than “urban” to reflect the diverse array of community types across LA County, with some communities identifying as urban and others as rural.

In this CFMP, “community forest” is defined as the collection of all trees in our communities, including along streets, between buildings, in parks, and around all of the places we live, work, and play. The CFMP covers all parts of managing our community forest, including tree planting and establishment, tree maintenance, tree protection and preservation, and community engagement and education. The CFMP does not include naturally forested areas, such as state and federal forests, or other natural areas.

Plan Goals

To address these challenges, the CFMP identifies five cross-cutting goals that intersect with the interrelated themes of equity and access, climate resilience, and regional coordination. Created in partnership with LA County departments, community leaders, technical experts, and LA County residents, these broad and aspirational goals make up our shared vision for the future of our community forest in LA County.


Equitable Tree Canopy

A community forest that ensures equitable access to the benefits of trees for all County residents.


Regional Community Forest

A community forest that is collaboratively managed across jurisdictions to support biodiversity and protect against regional threats.


County Tree Management

A County managed community forest that is maintained with best practices and expanded for social, cultural, and ecological benefits.


Workforce and Economic Opportunities

A community forest that provides economic opportunities and is supported by a skilled local workforce.


Commitment to Funding and Partnership

A community forest that is supported by creative, long-term funding and collaborative partnerships.